Monday, December 3, 2012

the desires of my heart

photo from Little Rascal

The ladies at Little Rascal and Freelancer's Fashionblog have given me Ladderax fever. Ladderax is a British-manufactured mid-century shelving system, named for the metal or wood "ladders" that make up the sides of the shelves. Then a combination of shelves and/or desks and storage units can be attached.

photo from Freelancer's Fashionblog

photo from Little Rascal

It is gorgeous but quite difficult and expensive to find in the states. I'm afraid that obtaining the shelving for myself will remain a dream for the time being. If you happen to have a tip for where to find Ladderax in the US, I would be very much appreciative.

photo from Little Rascal

Ladderax aside, these girls have adorable homes. I'm crazy for the rug in this photo. And the curtains. Chair too. Also, I've had an eye out for a pretty vintage globe like in the Freelancer's photo. I want so much. Sigh.

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