Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Matt and I headed to Chicago last Thursday night to see Jason dj at Sonotheque (and luckily we had two days off of work because of the cold weather). The show was fun, and it was great to see Jason and our friend Jamie.

The highlight of the trip was probably our lunch on Friday. We ate at Cemitas Puebla, a Mexican restaurant that specializes in tasty sandwiches called cemitas. Everything was absolutely delicious.

Matt's cemita carne enchilada was a spicy butterflied porkchop marinated in guajillo chilies on a sesame bun, layered with Oaxacan cheese, avacado, and adobo chipotles made in-house daily.

I ordered two chicken tacos on corn tortillas with chopped cilantro and onions, your typical taqueria fare. The chicken was excellent, not laden with grease like some spiced chicken. Jamie actually called it "fluffy".

Even better were the chalupas that Matt and I split. There were 5 corn tortillas, each covered in one of their yummy fresh salsas: a smoky, spicy red tomato-based sauce and a milder, tangy green tomatillo and cilantro sauce. Then the tortillas were topped with more of that "fluffy" chicken, more Oaxacan cheese, and some cilantro.

All of these authentic Poblano dishes were very reasonably priced, and were worth every penny. If you live in Chicago or happen to be nearby, I highly recommend you try this place.

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